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Distillery Craft Spirits – our new partner

We visited the manufacturers of the Craft Spirits Destilery from Kaptol, Croatia since we’d like to present our guests authentic experience through authentic taste. This is exactly what you can do with these wonderful young entrepreneurial owners who manufacture Castrum – craft gin and take it to a whole different level. No wonder since the base for their gin are juniper berries that come from Slavonian forests perfectly coupled with some other ingredients originating from this region such as black mulberries, elder and grape vine. The reason for its unique flavour is definitely the natural fresh water from the Papuk mountain. We tasted their standard Castrum London Dry Gin and were honoured to taste a new product that is about to hit the market. Thank you so much for this priviledge! We shouldn’t forget to mention that their entire branding and the names of their gift packages are linked to the rich history of the Kaptol region such as the Hallstatt culture from the Iron Age and the castle dating back to the 13th C, which amazed us. Apart from manufacturing fantastic gin, they co-organize a brand new event called Walking&Drinking (Ideš i piješ) which is, as they whispered to us, to be organized during the last weekend in August. We’ll definitely include you in our tours since you’re exactly what we want our guests to experience – local, authentic and ingenious. 


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