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First Croatian currency ever

The first Croatian currency ever was coined in Pakrac in the 13th century. The mint where it was coined was first mentioned in the Bill of Bela IV from 1256 as camera de Puchruch. Camera is a Latin term for a mint or even a central mint institution of the then entire Kingdom of Croatia as part of the Croatian-Hungarian Kingdom. The mint itself was most likely situated at the heart of the walls of the medieval fortress which was the Old Town of Pakrac taking the central position in the today’s town. It wasn’t large since the coins minted here were made of supposedly ready-made made silver plates. The blasksmith had his basic tools – seals used to impress the motif on plates, one for the bottom and one for upper side of coins and a stump for minting. The coins were minted at the end of each year. Steal mould and the silver that wasn’t yet coined, were held in special chests that were always sealed and lock.

Today you can mint it yourself in almost identical way in the Museum of the Town of Pakrac where you can also see it live! It has remained one of the most beautiful coins in Europe bearing for the first time ever in our history the image of marten as a symbol of payment of those times. If we made you interested in this topic, feel free to contact us for our tours that include the story of our famous coin so you can find out some more peculiarities!

Part of the text used from https://tz-pakrac.hr/prva-kovnica-novca-u-hrvatskoj/.


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