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Pakrac, Slavonia 1991, the place where it all began

This tour is a true story of centuries-old hardships and turmoils, a nightmare of hidden feelings and lost friendships, wounds, people of flesh and blood, wonderful ideals and vanished young lives. It’s a story of the Croatian Independence War right at its source.

Experience the authentic war events that will make you sad, yes, yet empower you.

One day experience down the memory lane

Get a better insight into the events that made possible the foundation of the Croatian state right at its authentic locations with trusted experts. With a blend of authentic war stories and heroic events that will leave you breathless, meet and explore beautiful natural and historic attractions of this heroic region.

Itinerary of the program:

  • 11:00 – 12:00 arrival at the Main Square in Pakrac, a walk around authentic locations with the curator of the Museum of War and Military History Pakrac retelling authentic stories and locations,

The very first armed conflict arose between legitimate Croatian authorities, insurgent Serbs and the Yougoslav army in Pakrac, on March 2nd, 1991. Many historians believe that it was actually this event that trigged off the War of Independence in Croatia. (…) After Vukovar, Pakrac became the town that was hit the most during the War of Independence, where the damages were enormous due to constat and countless bombardments of the town. Not a single building was spared, not even the Hospital. Source: Benković, Stjepan, Križan, Branko. Textbook of regional history of Pakrac: Region of Pakrac during the War of Independence (vol. 6). Pakrac, 2016.

  • 12:30 – 13:30 lunch at Hotel Pakrac
  • 14:00 – 15:00 visit to authentic location in Kusonje

Here you will experience a story of one of the hardest battles of Croatian soldiers at no.55 according to which a film of the same name was made.

  • 15:00 – 16:30 guided tour of the Museum of War and Military History Pakrac
  • 16:30 – 17:30 free time
  • 17:30 – 18:30 guided tour of the State Stud Farm Lipik

The State Stud Farm in Lipk was founded in 1843 by Count Izidor Janković when he built the horse stables. As of that moment, the story unveils linking the horses, especially lipizzaners and Lipik. The official status of the State Stud Farm was gained in 1938 when the Royal Stud Farm Stančić moved to Lipik. At the begining of the War of Independence and agression on Croatia, the stud farm was systematically destroyed; the stables were burnt and a part of horses was slaugthered. The remaining lipizzan horses were stolen in November 1991 and, through Bosnia and Herzegovina transported to Serbia. After many negotiations, finally on October 13th 2007, the survining horses were finally brought to their original stables in Lipik.

  • 18:30 – end of tour

This tour includes:

Visit to authentic locations and original war stories of the survived

  • Police Station Pakrac
  • demarcation line between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbian Krajina right at the town centre
  • Kusonje – authentic location from No. 55, filmed according to a real event
  • Guided Tour of the Museum of War and Military History
  • Guided Tour of the State Stud Farm Lipik
  • three-course lunch with a drink in Hotel Pakrac
  • basic insurance

This tour does not include:

  • additional drinks
  • additional insurance
  • cost of the arrival to the destination
  • other transport within the destination


  • transfers anywhere from the EU and Croatia
  • visit to the Museum of Pakrac with an experience of minting your own Slavonski banovac coin

The price is based on a group of 15. In case there are less people, the tour is available with a higher price.

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